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God’s motives

May 22, 2007

While participating in a discussion about atheism vs. religion on another blog, i had this idea that never occurred to me before. If somebody with a religious (Christian) background can help me out on this, i’d be very grateful.

It is my opinion, that religions have the purpose to give people searching for answers to the hard questions about human existence (“Who are we? Where do we came from? What is the purpose of our lives? etc.”, and i think everybody asks them at some point in their life) something solid to hold on to, an answer that more or less makes sense and that one can agree on. “This world is so full of beauty because god decided to make us this gift”. “He watches upon us, his own creation that he loves so much as to sacrifice his own son for, and therefore everything is his will and happens for a reason”. I actually do think that this is quite a positive attitude, that can help people get on with their lives in a meaningful way.

But here comes the question: If we assume that god has created the universe (well, the Earth. The bible doesn’t tell anything about other planets, or even about the Earth being a planet at all), why did he do it in the first place? Love for humankind doesn’t seem to apply as a valid reason because when he started creating, there was no humankind yet, and you cannot do anything good to something that doesn’t exist. Why would he produce a world out of nothing, populate it with strange two-legged creatures, give them a set of laws and the optimistic outlook of a great judgment in the “near” future, where part of them would be put into lakes of burning sulfur? What kind of a sick experiment is this?

Personally, i find this thought way more scary than what science has to offer: no higher goal in life, other than to reproduce and adapt to the environment, generation after generation, then death, and the drama is over. I find it much easier to accept that my existence has no point whatsoever than to be a pawn in some strange experiment. So if the bible is correct and god exists, then for me it is one more reason to pretend i never heard about god and stick to science and common sense…


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